About Us

Welcome to Elephant House Media!

Meet Our Team:

  • Connect.    Create.    Innovate.    Educate.    Elevate.  That’s our philosophy!

  • Elephant House Media is hard-working team, looking to soar high for education through creative solutions and partnerships!

  • Our innovative leaders, motivated project managers, and top-notch team of managers, content writers, editors, app developers & more- with over 100 years of combined experience- develop engaging content that makes you and your clients really shine!

  • We  Create, Design, Write and Develop Educational Content- from start to finish.

  • We have experts in Math, Science, English Language Arts, World Languages, Humanities and more.

  • Our experienced team has worked with many authoring tools and (and are a quick study when we need to be!).

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Our Mission:

  • Connect

  • Listen

  • Create

  • Innovate

  • Educate

  • Elevate

EHM strives to Enhance the learning experience, provide optimal quality and integrity and minimize expenses.

Elephants symbolize good fortune, wisdom and longevity. Here at Elephant House Media we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality, future-proof content and design that enhances the learning experience and bridges the gap between traditional and modern educational tools. Our leadership team has over 100 years of experience in the educational publishing industry and guarantees the highest integrity and quality while meeting all time, marginal and budgetary requirements with ease.

Elephant House Media manages cost efficiency every step of the way – so you don’t have to. We cut out the middle man and work on your behalf to guarantee the highest quality lowest price possible. Education should be high quality, without costing an arm and a leg. Let the elephants work for you!

How We Work:

Elephant House Media has big goals:

  • Create content that reflects the larger, complete vision of education by fulfilling the needs of our clients and the learning needs of students.

  • Meet and exceed the standards the curriculum was designed to meet.

  • Make the content innovative, engaging and effective for the students!

We listen to you, our client, and work closely with you to both meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

⇒ Our teams are headed up by conscientious leaders who not only understand the scope of the projects, but are strategic in their implementation.

⇒  We keep sight of the big picture goals of our clients, while paying attention to details!

⇒ Education is changing, and we’re here to help Educators and Publishers stay ahead of the curve!

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Who Our Team Has Served: